Jonny hails from the Midlands, born in Stratford on Avon to a multi-instrumentalist Father and Mother. Music played a large part in his early life.
After moving to Devon at the age of 10 a chance meeting with Nigel set the scene for things to come. Whilst at the Tiverton Grammar School they formed their first band after watching David Essex in Stardust and then quickly started trying to emulate the heroes of the day such as Quo and The Who.
Starting his music life on the drums, Jonny then switched to guitar. He formed Renegade Angel (a relatively popular Heavy Rock band of its time). Recording with Kenny Driscoll (Bells of Berlin) from Lone Star at the former retreat in the country for the band Yes.
Then writing power chord based songs with Nigel things went very well culminating in a support slot with the Cherry Boys until it all ended as bands do. A 10 year break from the music scene ensued until the reuniting with Nigel to form a covers band called Munchen Beever where Mark and Jason were enlisted. The rest, as they say, is history . . .